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Lead management services

Qualifying leads is a time consuming task. It involves sifting through leads sourced from expos, online subscriptions, personal forms and more. This entails filtering out junk, spam and incomplete information, followed by downloading, formatting and uploading data into your CRM. Afterward, pre-qualifying leads and transitioning them into your sales funnel adds another layer of complexity. Feeling exhausted just thinking about it? Let us handle the process for you.

What we do for you

  • Filter out junk, spam, incomplete leads
  • Download, format and upload into your CRM or email marketing system
  • Set-up pre-qualification steps
  • Move leads through your pre-qualification process
  • Remove unqualified leads
  • Move qualified leads into your sales funnel
  • Implement first touch sales funnel steps
  • Schedule appointments, calls, tours, meetings for your team to close the deal
  • Move your leads from first touch to closing in the sales process
  • CRM Management
  • Segment leads in to different categories or groups based on behaviors

Not a fully exhaustive list. Tell us what you need help with.  

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